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Chapped lips images. Crusty Lips: Causes, Pictures & How to Get Rid of Dry Chapped Lips

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Often, the lips are sensitive, and there may or may not be redness erythema and swelling edema present. Other drugs reported to have induced chapped lips include: High doses of vitamin A Lithium Chemotherapeutic agents busulfan and actinomycin D-penicillamine Isoniazid Phenothiazine Other possible causes of chapped lips include high fevers as well as environmental conditions, such as cold weather, dehydration, and certain vitamin deficiencies. Chapped lips may be seen in people of all ages. However, lip-licking cheilitis is usually seen in 7—15 year olds and is typically seen as a scaling, pink band around the mouth. Chapped lips involves scaling with or without fissures and mild to moderate swelling of the lips. To treat chapped lips: Discontinue use of the causing medications, if possible. If medications cannot be discontinued, apply petroleum jelly as often as needed.