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Good tailors in lagos. You Deserve a Personal Tailor

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Bespoke Corporate Suits, African Native Wears & Uniform Tailors in Lagos

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Fagge Tailoring Services provides sewing and alteration services for men and women native wears, and sales of ready-made wears of Agbada, Ankara, Ganila and Shadda materials. Maj Couture specialises in the sewing of women trendy ladies that is guaranteed to make you stand out in any kind of occasion. While custom made from scratch clothing may not be for everyone, makeit fit Tailorin with many years experience offer expert alterations and repair designers at very reasonable rate. Oloribaker's World sew top notch female outfits with a creative touch in both English and African contemporary designs. TRIEM BY Bookiebash is a tailoring and fashion designer outlet in Lagos offering sales and design of tailor made and ready to wear clothing and fabrics.