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Transamerica [] [R] - | Parents' Guide & Review |

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Realizing that when she was male she had fathered a son, she bails him out of jail and offers him a ride cross-country but does not tell him who she is. Directed by Duncan Tucker. Two young men remove their clothing and go swimming their bare buttocks, backs, chests and genitals are visible. A post-operation transsexual woman soaks in a bathtub and her breasts and pubic region are visible. A woman on the set of a pornographic movie asks a young man if he took his Viagra and we hear slurping suggesting that someone is performing oral stimulation on the young man. We see a pre-operation transsexual woman dressing, putting on stockings over bare thighs, tucking into a girdle and adjusting her crotch, padding a bra, etc. We see the outline of genitals through someone's jockey shorts.