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Wonder, the movie | Wonder

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Right at the beginning of the novel, it is established that Auggie has a facial deformity: however, no one describes exactly what Auggie's face looks like until Via begins her section. When she sits down at his lunch table for the first time, he remarks that "Summer looked like her name. She had a tan, and her eyes were green like a leaf" Part I, pg. In the section that he narrates, Jack Will describes how he discovers and repairs an old, discarded sled; when he tries the sled out, he is amazed by how fast it is. While on his trip to the nature reserve, Auggie goes into detail about the way the fairgrounds look. The sun is setting just before the students begin watching the movie, and Auggie remarks that "It looked like someone had taken sidewalk chalk and smudged the colors across the sky with their fingers" Part VIII, pg. This is an especially pretty sunset for him because he has spent his entire life in the city: seeing the sun set between buildings is not the same as seeing the evening sun out in nature.